6è PRIM – Total English Camp

As you were informed in the parents’ meeting at the beginning of the school year, your daughters will have the opportunity to take part in the TOTAL ENGLISH CAMP which will consist in spending a week camping out of the school and speaking exclusively in English. This is an activity which we started two years ago and we hope it is a step forward to acquiring better oral competence.

This activity is included in the English teaching project and also in the students’ formation plan of Les Alzines.

We believe that enjoying 5 days of total language immersion far from home will be of benefit for the students, both in oral communication and personal growth, as well as the improvement of virtues such as friendship, companionship, generosity and obedience, and will also help them to grow in personal autonomy. We would like every student to take part in the camp.


There will be native English teachers, their tutors and their English teachers to assist them.

This camp will be developed around a curriculat topic of the science area, The Water and Plants.

The organisation Home to Home (a businesw devoted to the development of educational programmes) has programmed the didactic activities that the students will be doing during these 5 days and will also provide the native speakers as well as the intermediation with the camp house.

We will be leaving the school on Monday 3rd April at 9am and we will be coming back on Friday 7th April at 16:30 so that every student can take their bus home. The camp house is “Can Maiol” (Sant Andreu Salou), 10 km away from Girona.

The global price of the activity is 295 € and it includes the following:

• Return bus

• Stay and full board

• Workshops and daily classes with native teachers and monitors

• Night activities with native teachers and monitors

• Insurance

• Didactic material

You will be issued a bill on the 20th March 2017 or, if you wish so, the bill can be divided in three to be issued on the 20th of March, 20th of April and 20th of May 2017. Please mark the option that best suits you on the dorm. If you do not specify, there will be only one bill issued for the total price on the 20th of March..

Students should NOT take their mobile phones or devices that do not favour co-habitation. If you need to contact your daughters, you will be able to do so on a telephone number that we will give you some days before the camp.

Students need to wear their normal clothes. Over the next few days we will be informing about the schedule, the programmation of activities and the material that the students will need.

The type of activities to be done at school will be selected depending on the number of students that do not attend Total English Camp. These students will be working on the same topic but in a different way.

We would be very grateful if your daughters could return to the tutor the form attached before the 10th of March.



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