6è PRIM – 2nd Comunication Total English Camp

The week in which your daughters are attending TOTAL ENGLISH CAMP is approaching.

The English and Formation Departments of the school have been preparing it with enthusiasm.

We are contacting you because we need to inform you about some aspects that we still had not explained:
• You will find the schedule that your daughters will follow over the week. Some of the hours will be devoted to work on human development with the tutors as well as life of piety according to the context of these days.
• As we told you, the girls will be working on a curricular unit of Science (The water and plants).
• You will also find a list with the material that they need to bring.
• Students also need to bring breakfast for the first day.
• We would like to remind you that students must NOT bring their mobile phones or those devises that do not favour co-existence.
• You will be daily updates through information and photographs that will be uploaded on the school website.
• In case you need to contact your daughter urgently for an important reason, you can contact the following number (638975433). You can also phone the school during school hours or Can Mayol (972190206). Finally, we would like to remind you that it is essential that all the students have their original health card.


▪ Clothes for each day and one extra set of clothes (also underwear). They need to be appropriate for the weather and place we are in (comfortable, sport, tracksuits or similar)
▪ The school tracksuit (students will need to wear it one of the days)
▪ Sleeping bag
▪ One under sheet and pillowcase
▪ Jacket and thick clothes (according to the weather forecast)
▪ Underwear and socks for each day
▪ Pyjamas
▪ Self-hygene items
▪ Soap and shampoo
▪ Comb or brush
▪ Toothpaste
▪ Toothbrush
▪ Shower towel
▪ Flip-flops
▪ Tissues
▪ Rain jacket
▪ Comfortable shoes for walking (the one they are wearing + an extra one)
▪ Cap
▪ Water bottle
▪ Torch with batteries
▪ Sunscreen (according to the weather forecast)
▪ Bag to keep dirty clothes
▪ Bag for excursions
▪ Notebook and pencil case with colours, scissors, felt tips, glue…
▪ Insect repellent (if you consider it necessary)

▪ Bringing the original HEALTH CARD is mandatory!
▪ Everything needs to be duly marked with the name